What makes restaurateurs successful in the modern hyper-competitive world is their readiness to capitalize on innovative technologies to optimize operations and enhance the overall guest experience. In this pursuit, many restaurants adopt POS solutions that claim to streamline their marketing, sales, billing, delivery, inventory management, and other operations. However, more often than not, these restaurants end up with systems that fail to offer the functionalities in an integrated manner.

According to KwickPOS, there is a better way.

Headquartered in Texas, KwickPOS is forging a new frontier in the industry with a sustainable POS ecosystem that unlocks unlimited possibilities for restaurateurs to increase profit margins, bolster business development, and solve all operational challenges. KwickPOS is the only truly browser-based, omni-channel POS platform with online ordering, back-office, inventory management, marketing, and enterprise management tools—all integrated into a single system.

The Journey in Rearview Mirror

KwickPOS’s evolution as a premier POS solution provider is powered by the vast experience and thought leadership that Tom Jin and Ming Ye, Co-Founders of the company, bring to the table. The duo started KwickPOS in Houston to help a friend—a restaurant owner who requested an easy-to-use, highly efficient point of sale (POS) system. Although Tom and Ming were Silicon Valley alumni with a rich professional background in IT and system administration, they have juggled all kinds of roles in a restaurant—from bus personnel, server, cashier, driver, bartender, and dishwasher to owner. By leveraging their combined experience in software and restaurant management, they delivered an efficient system that checks all the boxes. “This provided us the impetus to channel our expertise into creating a robust and cost-effective POS system that can help restaurants and retailers excel in marketing and management while ensuring all-round development,” says Ming.

Founded in 2015, KwickPOS’s growth over the years has been supported by its system R&D center and a concrete team capable of building highly customized designs and features. “Our purpose is to build a highly reliable and sustainable POS ecosystem to help restaurants unleash their full potential,” notes Tom.

Sustainable POS Solutions—The Recipe for Success

KwickPOS caters to all types of businesses in the food and beverage industry, from quick service and self-service to full-service restaurants. At the same time, the company offers POS solutions for retail, beauty and wellness, and personal electronics companies. KwickPOS’s solutions are affordable and help smaller businesses digitalize their business operations and adapt to the ever-changing market.
The company relieves business owners from the hassles of POS downtime, inconsistent customer service, exorbitant labor costs, and unstable employment that lead to low-profit margins, negative reviews, and loss of customers.

What primarily differentiates KwickPOS is its technology. The web-based POS system comes with a local server that replicates data to the cloud and manages real-time payment processing. As the system stores data in customers’ local server, they can access it even when they are not connected to the internet. On the other hand, by leveraging the cloud server, the company empowers customers with remote access and business intelligence, allowing them to perform data analysis from anywhere and anytime.

Custom-Made for the Restaurant Industry

As opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach, KwickPOS customizes its POS solution according to each business’s unique needs. The system entails unique, innovative features such as custom menu layout, language, printer format, station mode, and more, which can be enabled or disabled according to the needs and functions of customers.

For example, the system’s robust online ordering feature helps restaurant owners auto-generate online menu so that end users can easily place their orders. Besides, restaurants can use KwickPOS’s user-friendly self-order kiosks to relieve their staff from mundane tasks of collecting and processing orders manually while ensuring a seamless front-end experience for guests through a simple “order and pay” process. KwickPOS also rolled out robust contactless solutions with innovative features to help restaurants accommodate new regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers can now place orders by scanning QR codes through phones and pay using credit cards and digital wallets.

Once an order is placed, KwickPOS’s multi-language “Kitchen Display” records all orders placed through kiosks, in-store, and online ordering channels and routes them to the right kitchen prep station. Online food delivery restaurants can use the system for real-time map integration and assignment of routes to drivers who can follow the suggested routes to deliver orders faster. What’s more, with KwickPOS’s QR Review feature, end-users can scan the code and post their reviews and feedback on restaurants’ Google Maps, Facebook, and Yelp pages. Restaurant owners and managers also receive text notifications after each review. The company also offers 24/7 customer support in multiple languages.
  • Our purpose is to build a highly reliable and sustainable POS ecosystem to help restaurants unleash their full potential

When it comes to restaurant franchises, KwickPOS helps with multi-location management by leveraging franchise technology. The company’s cloud-based franchise POS allows restaurants to manage multiple outlets and analyze business data, monitor sales reports, and back-office operations remotely on a single platform. Restaurant chains can add new stores within seconds by cloning the menu and database of the existing store rather than manually inputting it while creating custom-designed menu layouts for different stations in the chain.

KwickPOS also supports ordering from multiple restaurants in one go from a single module. The feature named “virtual mall” can be leveraged by restaurants in a mall. The kitchen owners receive it as individual orders and process them while KwickPOS automatically sends the different tickets to the respective kitchens through its server. This helps restaurants manage operations and menus efficiently and eliminate errors while enabling mall management to boost sales significantly.

While KwickPOS’s innovative features are designed to deliver an elite customer experience, its marketing component plays a critical role in enabling restaurant owners to drive customer loyalty. KwickPOS’s marketing tool collects all customer data and stores it in its CRM module. Restaurants can use this data to build their email or text list to share promotional content and engage their customers regularly. KwickPOS also augments restaurateurs’ marketing endeavors with coupons, gift cards, and more as opposed to printed flyers and other traditional strategies.

Catalyzing Customer Success

By breaking all hardware limitations, KwickPOS makes the customer onboarding process extremely hassle-free. Customers can purchase the hardware of their choice or use existing ones when switching to the KwickPOS system; in some cases, the company also provides customers with the hardware. KwickPOS builds the model in-house and allows customers to check their menus and features remotely through the cloud server before the system is shipped. The KwickPOS team can set up clients’ menu systems within 24 hours, enabling the staff to use them in a few clicks without interrupting operations. The company also walks the extra mile to train customers in setting up and managing the POS system remotely. “Our solution is designed to be ‘quick,’ ‘intuitive’ and ‘easy.’ The term ‘Kwick’ is our promise to be ‘quick,’” remarks Tom.

KwickPOS has propelled several customers toward success over the years. The story of one of their customers, Yokohamaya Japanese Restaurant, perfectly demonstrates the robust capabilities of KwickPOS. Yokohamaya was challenged with stagnant sales, management conflicts, the pandemic, and more issues as they were using a POS system without technical support and customer service. KwickPOS came to the rescue of Yokohamaya by helping them with targeted feature development and business consultations. As a result of transitioning to KwickPOS, Yokohamaya could leverage the text marketing and QR code review features, absolutely free of cost, to generate remarkable results within a month. With the two features and store promotions, Yokohamaya doubled its revenue for the month and increased five-star reviews by 171 percent.

On another occasion, KwickPOS helped Rockin’ Rolls Sushi Express to ensure the accuracy of ongoing orders and consistent customer serving speed. KwickPOS provided a self-ordering system that enabled guests to browse and order at their own pace. Besides, KwickPOS’s Kitchen Display integration helped Rockin’ Rolls Sushi Express minimize customer serving time.

Our solution is designed to be ‘quick,’ ‘intuitive’ and ‘easy.’ The term ‘Kwick’ is our promise to be ‘quick’

Such success stories stem from KwickPOS’s commitment to paving an easier path for restaurant owners to outperform their competitors. Currently operating in 45 states, the company caters to over 2000 restaurants. Steering ahead, KwickPOS plans to expand into Canada and Mexico and support all payment processors, major credit card terminals, and payment gateways. Additionally, the company is building partnerships and sharing resources to grow together. Driven by a mission to create products and solutions that customers enjoy, KwickPOS will continue to innovate and help restaurants improve workflow efficiency and boost sales.